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Toronto Maple Leafs Need To Make A Decision On Randy Carlyle Soon

Randy Carlyle is still the Head Coach of the Toronto Maple Leafs. Will he stay that way for long? No one knows as of yet, so we’re left to speculate.

Since Brendan Shanahan took over as President and alternate Governor, the question of whether or not Carlyle would be brought back as coach has been asked over and over again. The decision should be made sooner rather than later, and for good reason.

If the Leafs decide to keep Carlyle, then announcing it now would put him at ease and allow him to start preparing for next season. Of course with the way the Leafs season ended, that decision would probably anger most of Leafs Nation.

If they were to fire Carlyle, doing it now would allow him to look for another job while there are other job openings. It would also allow the Leafs to look into the coaches that are available now. If they wait and the best available coaches were taken, then the Leafs would have to go with an unproven coach. That might not work out in a hockey hotbed like Toronto.

This decision is an important one so it does make sense that Leafs brass is thinking long and hard about it. However, for both the Leafs and Carlyle, it is better if the decision is made in the next couple weeks.

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5 Comments on Toronto Maple Leafs Need To Make A Decision On Randy Carlyle Soon

  1. Scottie Smalls says:

    Peter Horachek was just canned this morning in Carolina…though I doubt he would be an option for Toronto. The way its going right now, they will probably wait until after hockey is over.

  2. old hockey fan says:

    I believe that Carlyle will be kept. It is the team that did not buy in, Two years ago Wilson was a bad coach, now Carlyle? This is not so much about the coach as it is about players attitude, was it not Gardiner who compared himself to Doughty? Phaneuf has not brought this team together or bought in himself to the coaching style, that is what needs to change. Let most of the free agents walk, hang on to Ranger & Bodie, take the captaincy away from Phaneuf, bring up some fresh defense from the Marlies(Percy and Granberg), resign Reimer and trade for a strong center. That would help the team attitude.

    • Tim Bayer says:

      I agree this team has a lot of holes, but Carlyle’s coaching history suggests his teams struggle possession-wise. Look at how the Ducks improved when Carlyle was canned and they brought in Boudreau. Wilson got a bad rap but he was ultimately doomed by poor goaltending. Now Carlyle is getting elite goaltending and has one of the best scorers in the league, but his team still couldn’t make the playoffs in a terrible Eastern Conference. I wonder why? It seems clear to me the players have tuned Carlyle out. He needs to go.

      • old hockey fan says:

        Tim, I keep hearing that the Eastern Conference is terrible, but Toronto did not have a bad record against the west and the amount of points it took to get into the playoffs was just about the same in both the east and west.
        Your comments about Carlyle and his coaching are somewhat puzzling to me as well, When I listen to former players(annalists and colour guys) talk about Carlyle, they seem to be in agreement that he is a good coach. That just brings me back to a team that turned the coaches off this year and that needs to be fixed, probably by new blood in the dressing room.

        • Tim Bayer says:

          The way I see it, the West has five legitimate Stanley Cup contenders, maybe more depending on what you think of the Avalanche. (They’re obviously not Cup contenders now, but some may argue they looked like it during the regular season.) The East, however, has Boston, and then a bunch of questionable teams I don’t see as legitimate contenders. The Leafs, judging by the talent on their roster, SHOULD be in that group along with the Habs, Lightning and Red Wings, but they obviously didn’t measure up. I think it’s fair to criticize the coach for failing to get his team to play to their potential.

          Furthermore, if you look at the team’s possession statistics, they’ve actually gotten worse every year Carlyle’s been the coach. They were absolutely abysmal in this regard this year. The only team worse was Buffalo:

          Also telling, I believe, is the fact so many players saw their possession stats crater under Carlyle:

          As for systems, Carlyle gets his wingers to collapse in the defensive zone, leaving the points wide open. When the defense finally gets possession, the wingers aren’t there for a proper outlet, leaving them with the only option to chip it out of the zone and give up possession. JP talks about it here:

          Here’s another piece on how Carlyle’s lineup and deployment decisions hurt the team:

          So if Glenn Healy or some other hack on my TV wants to tell me Carlyle is a good coach because he won a Cup in Anaheim once, forgive me if I don’t take them seriously.

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