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Toronto Maple Leafs Daily Poll: Who Should Replace Randy Carlyle If He Is Fired?

One of the hotly debated topics of the off-season for the Toronto Maple Leafs will be the future of Head Coach Randy Carlyle. With the disappointing ending to their 2013-14 season, there are many calling for his firing.

I’ve also heard a lot of people talking about how the Leafs shouldn’t fire Carlyle because there is not many experienced coaches out there. To those people, I have two things to say. First, the Leafs have had an experienced coach for the past decade and it hasn’t really helped now has it. Maybe the Leafs could look for an up-and-comer. Second, there are now experienced coaches there.

Peter Laviolette has been available for most of the season. Barry Trotz has finally been let go by the Nashville Predators. It is likely that John Tortorella won’t be back with the Vancouver Canucks. Not to mention that teams in the playoffs could make drastic changes if they’re eliminated early, Pittsburgh and Minnesota especially.

If the Leafs choose to fire Carlyle, there will be no shortage of choice of available coaches for hire. As Brendan Shanahan looks to change the Leafs’ culture and identity, the choice of coach will be very important.

Who Should Replace Randy Carlyle If He Is Fired?

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9 Comments on Toronto Maple Leafs Daily Poll: Who Should Replace Randy Carlyle If He Is Fired?

  1. old hockey fan says:

    I see that the Poll shows an up and commer for the Leafs head coach job, great idea and easy to submit, but who?

      • old hockey fan says:

        Thanks Tim, He certainly appears to have what it takes and will not get the chance at the NHL with Babcock ahead of him. That could be real interesting.

        • Jeffrey Langridge says:

          A new up-and comer could be anyone from the AHL or the CHL, anywhere. Look at where Patrick Roy came from. All the way from junior. The risk is that someone new who is brought in will not be ready, but there are plenty of successes out there.

          • old hockey fan says:

            I appreciate the comment Jeff, I just could not think of one that I thought was ready for a big issue like Toronto. There is more media attention, more scrutiny and more fan speak than in any other city including Montreal. It has been just my thought that with this kind of pressure on a coach plus the players attitudes that a coach promoted from the minors anywhere would have 2 strikes against them from the getgo.

          • Tim Bayer says:

            Right. I’d be more inclined to look at an AHL coach than a junior guy. I’ve been impressed with Steve Spott’s year with the Marlies, but like you said, I’m not sure he’s ready to make that jump. An experienced guy like Davis Payne (assistant in LA) or Mike Kitchen (assistant in Chicago) would be on my list as well.

  2. Peter Hefner says:

    Fix defense and hire Larry Robinson proven Stanley cup winner he can and will put Leaf s in playoffs!

  3. D.WAdair says:

    Get any of them experts on TSN or Sportnet who know so much and you can;t go wrong.

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