Toronto Maple Leafs Daily Poll: If The Leafs Miss The Playoffs, Will You Be Cheering For The Montreal Canadiens?

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It’s one of the great contradictions in the NHL as a fan. As a child, I was always told that if the Toronto Maple Leafs either didn’t make the playoffs or had been eliminated, I was supposed to cheer for one of the remaining Canadian teams. But what happens when there is only one Canadian team left and that team is the Montreal Canadiens?

Seriously though, the point is to cheer for the Stanley Cup to come back to Canada. For the past few seasons, it looked like the Vancouver Canucks were the greatest hope for Canada but now they have fallen by the wayside. This year, it looks like the Canadiens will be the only Canadian team to make the playoffs.

The last time a Canadian team won the Stanley Cup was won by a team north of the border was the Canadiens themselves back in 1993. Other teams have come close since then, like the Calgary Flames in 2004 and the Canucks in 2011, but none have won it all.

This year, the Habs will be hard pressed to do anything significant in the playoffs, but that is not the point. By default, the Habs will have the greatest chances of any Canadian team in the playoffs.

So as Maple Leaf fans, will you be cheering for the Maple Leafs arch-rival? Does the Stanly Cup coming back to Canada supersede any hate towards the team?

If The Leafs Miss The Playoffs, Will You Be Cheering For The Montreal Canadiens?

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  • D.WAdair

    I used to cheer for the Russian when they use to play them.

    • Jeffrey Langridge

      I know the player demographics, but I’m talking about the the entire team bringing it back to their city. No hockey team in Canada has been able to do that.

  • Peg_C

    I’ll be cheering for the Blues. Habs?! NO WAY!

    • Scottie Smalls

      I didn’t think there would be any other Blues fans on here…nice! I was hoping for a Leafs/StL finals one day, looked like it might happen this year until about 2 weeks ago!

  • Scottie Smalls

    i don’t think a Leaf fan will ever join the ‘other team’ and go with the Habs. It’s not so much wanting the Cup to stay in Canada…if the Sens were in, would you want them to win? Doubt it. I agree with Peg C down there, I don’t worry about the Cup coming back to Canada unless the Leafs are in the running. Mind you I wouldn’t necessarily go against Montreal, I would love for them to knock Boston’s front teeth out, if it wasn’t for the Leafs I probably wouldn’t even follow the east playoffs, except for maybe Pittsburgh.

  • Tim Bayer

    Heck no. I picked the Sharks at the beginning of the year, I’m sticking with them.