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David Clarkson Will Rebound Next Season

The start of David Clarkson‘s career with the Toronto Maple Leafs has not gone as planned. It has, in fact, gone horribly wrong. This has led to some  media folk talking about the possibility of the Leafs buying out his contract only after one year. The Hockey News is one of them.

Today, unfortunately on Clarkson’s 30th birthday, he has to hear this talk that he might be kicked out of the city he basically grew up in. If the Leafs buy him out, I believe it will be a massive mistake.

First, take into account that the Leafs already used their two buyouts that don’t count against the salary cap from last off-season on Mike Komisarek and Mikhail Grabovski. If the Leafs were to buy out Clarkson, all of the money would count against the cap and it would last another 12 seasons. That alone should stop the Leafs from thinking that way.

Now, sure, Clarkson’s season has sucked, for the lack of a better word, but he should be given the chance to bounce back next season. If you put him in a position where he has the chance to succeed he probably will.

A lot has been said about his lack of offensive production. Yes, more was expected of him, but if the coaching staff doesn’t give him the chance, how is he supposed to.

When Clarkson was in New Jersey, he was a regular on their power play. That is where a lot of his production came from. In Toronto, he has not been given much of a chance on the power play, at least not playing with players that will either give him the puck or that he can find.

Clarkson has had some unlucky breaks this season. He has had suspension trouble. He has been injured a couple of times. Not a lot has gone right for Clarkson this season.

This is considered a big problem because of the contract he signed last season. If you play badly in the first year of a new contract, you will be criticized mercilessly. However, most players get a mulligan on that season and bounce back the next. If Clarkson is given the chance, I believe he will bounce back as well.


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3 Comments on David Clarkson Will Rebound Next Season

  1. old hockey fan says:

    Well, this has certainly been a bust for Clarkson. It just appears that the way Clarkson plays and the way that the Leafs play is that one is an attack and counter attack system and Clarkson is much more a cycle and clog the front of the net type of player. The Leafs are not a puck possession team and that leaves Clarkson’s style out in left field.

    • Scottie Smalls says:

      the same question can be asked about everybody else on the team, they all look like a trainwreck right now, can’t place blame on Clarkson any more than on the goalie that lets in the soft goals or Kadri who hasn’t scored in ages, this team is a huge mess

  2. Tim Bayer says:

    The argument that Clarkson hasn’t been given chances just doesn’t hold water. He’s been given plenty of opportunities to play with Kadri and Lupul, and didn’t do anything with them. He doesn’t get PP time because Mason Raymond is a much better option than him. I liked what I saw from him at times playing alongside Bolland in Philly last Friday. He’s a fine third-liner, the issue is you don’t give a third-liner that kind of contract.

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