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Toronto Maple Leafs Daily Poll: Should Randy Carlyle Be Fired?

It seems this question will always be asked in Toronto when the Maple Leafs are not doing well. Will their head coach be fired? This time, it’s Randy Carlyle on the hot seat.

There will be many factors in whether or not Carlyle will keep his job  past this season. The first and most obvious factor is whether the Toronto Maple Leafs make the playoffs. Of course, if the Leafs find a way to extend their season, there will be less pressure to get rid of him.

However, if the Leafs don’t make the playoffs, you can bet that Leaf fans will be calling for Carlyle’s head. After making the playoffs last season, expectations were to make it there once again and if they don’t, General Manager Dave Nonis might have no choice but to fire Carlyle.

The feeling right now is quite similar to the last days under Ron Wilson. We all know what happened two seasons ago. Things that just got so crazy and then-GM Brian Burke had to let go of his friend Wilson only a few months after giving him a contract extension.

The other big factor in all of this is the way that Carlyle is with the media. We all know that anything a coach says in Toronto will be talked and written about endlessly. If you say something bad about your players, such as saying James Reimer was “just okay”, you will have to answer for yourself. It was a problem for Wilson and now it looks like it will be the same for Carlyle.

The way the Leafs end the season will go a long way to deciding Carlyle’s fate with the Leafs. If the six-game losing streak they are currently on gets any bigger or they lose more games than they win in the final eight games, the likelihood of Carlyle getting the axe goes up. If the Leafs make the playoffs, he might get a reprieve.

What do you think?

Should Randy Carlyle Be Fired?

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  • D.WAdair

    Carlyle must shoulder a lot of the blame but to fire him I don;t think so. They must get rid of Orr ans MacLaren and built a good fourth line. Get some more scoring beside their big line. and trade Franson who makes to many blunders.

  • Jeffrey Langridge

    The fact that you mention that the Leafs need to to make a better fourth line first is damning for the Leafs. If the Leafs biggest problem is who’s on their fourth line, the Leafs should be ok. Yes, some of the NHL’s best teams have a good fourth line, but it’s not a requirement. All they need to do is not make mistakes. New Jersey had a very similar fourth line to the Leafs a couple of years ago and yet they made the Stanley Cup Finals.

  • Peg_C

    There’s a lot that’s wrong with the team (and the org, and the whole Taranta piranha media), but it’s a lot easier to change coaches than a team or half a team. Players come into Toronto as great (or highly rated) and end up ruined, only to be traded away and become stars elsewhere. It’s not just the coach. BUT, this coach has lost this team, if in fact he ever had it. Two or more teams this year have been turned around by a coaching change. Change the coach and get rid of some of the players who appear to be dragging the team down (unfortunately 2 of them have new contracts worth a mint so this won’t happen). I’m not convinced Nonis is good, either. It’s tough because there’s a general toxic cloud engulfing Toronto, part of which is because it’s the center of the hockey universe, but some things will have to change because it’s become too dysfunctional to work. Additionally, the fan base is huge, puts up with all this, and willingly pays small fortunes to attend games. That sends exactly the wrong message to the team and org.