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Toronto Maple Leafs Daily Poll: Should The Leafs Re-Sign Nikolai Kulemin?

The Toronto Maple Leafs are a team that will more than likely make the playoffs. After being eliminated in the first round last season, the motivation for the Leafs is to make it farther. There’s no question that is what the Leafs are focused on as they get closer and closer to the playoffs.

However, after the playoffs end the Leafs have some decisions to make regarding their unrestricted free agents and whether they will keep them. One of those UFA’s is long-time Leaf, Nikolai Kulemin.

Kulemin was drafted by the Leafs in the second round (44th overall) in the 2006 NHL Draft. Debuting in the 2008-09 season, Kulemin is the longest-tenured player on the Leafs roster. Over his career with the Leafs, Kulemin has scored 83 goals and added 111 assists for 194 points in 406 games.

The question is now, will the Leafs bring him back for a seventh season with the team?

Kulemin is the type of player that can bounce around the Leafs lineup and play well in almost any role he’s given. However, the Leafs have more than a few young players that could take that role.

A player like Jerry D’Amigo could easily take the role that Kulemin currently fills. He has already had his first taste with the Leafs this season and that could help him crack the roster. Tyler Biggs could also play the role if he can make the team next year as well.

Kulemin’s cap hit this season is $2.8 million. He will more than likely want a raise  and it is unknown whether the Leafs would would be willing to give him one.


Should The Leafs Re-Sign Nikolai Kulemin?

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6 Comments on Toronto Maple Leafs Daily Poll: Should The Leafs Re-Sign Nikolai Kulemin?

  1. Tim Bayer says:

    I don’t agree with the notion that D’Amigo or Biggs could simply jump in and fill Kulemin’s role. Biggs has nine points in 52 career AHL games and at this stage of his career doesn’t project to be anything more than a fourth liner in the NHL. I like D’Amigo, but he hasn’t even played 20 NHL games yet and he’s already 23. He looks like he could be a decent bottom-sixer and penalty killer, but he’s not a guy I could see jumping into the top-six and taking Kulie’s minutes.

    • Scottie Smalls says:

      The way the current team has been playing is some kind of testament to Carlyle’s coaching, we all saw that in the seven playoff games last year. Can you imagine a lengthy playoff run this time around? The entire team will demand a raise.

  2. D.WAdair says:

    Kulemin is to valuable for the Leafs not to sign. He can do it all. Now whether he will want a lot is a difference thing. Leafs may have no choice but to let him walk because of the cap hit.

  3. disqus_ajyF5S8Fgc says:

    Maybe it’s just me, but I really like Kulemin. Not even speaking of potential anymore but he works hard and does what is asked of him. Even shooting more again! I think under a slightly different system, he would flourish again.

    • Scottie Smalls says:

      It is not just you, we all like him too, he has been one of the best Russian born players to play on this team since Nikolai Borchevsky in the mid-1990s. Coach Carlyle has got him playing his best role right now, but like with any other player on any other team, we shall see in the post season!

  4. Scottie Smalls says:

    Keep him!

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