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Toronto Maple Leafs Daily Poll: Should The Leafs Re-Sign Dave Bolland Long-Term?

Its amazing this question even needs to be asked but it seems that it does. Dave Bolland came into the Toronto Maple Leafs organization with a lot of promise. He had the playoff experience, he was the leader that could help young players. When the season began, he began fulfilling that promise. In the month of October, he scored six goals and added four assists for 10 points in 14 games.

However, in the first game the Leafs played in November, the 15th game of the season, Bolland ankle was cut by the skate of the Vancouver Canucks’ Zack Kassian. Bolland has not played a game since.

The situation is that Bolland will be an unrestricted free agent at season’s end. The question is, can the Leafs afford to re-sign him?

If Bolland truly wants that long a contract, I’m not sure the Leafs will do it. I would give Bolland $5 million per year since any team in free agency would give him that anyway. The big issue in this is the length of the contract.

If I were Leafs General Manager Dave Nonis, the longest I would go on term is four years. Bolland is a great player to have on your team. The problem is that he is one of the more injury-prone players in the NHL. In his seven-year NHL career, Bolland has only played more than half a season three times.

So if you were the Leafs General Manager…

Should The Leafs Re-Sign Dave Bolland Long-Term?

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