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Toronto Maple Leafs Daily Poll: In Which Spot Will The Leafs Finish The Season?

There are only 18 games left in the Toronto Maple Leafs 2013-14 season. We are in the home stretch of the NHL season and now the real races for the playoffs start.

The Leafs currently sit third in the Atlantic Division, one point ahead of the Tampa Bay Lightning. They are three points behind the second-place Montreal Canadiens and 11 points behind the division-leading Boston Bruins. With just a month left in the season, anything could happen in regards to who makes the playoffs and who doesn’t.

The Leafs could catch the Canadiens very easily with a couple of wins and a few Habs losses. They would be hard-pressed to catch the Bruins as Boston will probably not go on a big slump. However, the Leafs do have to worry about falling out of the playoffs.

Sitting in the top three in a division, the Leafs only have to worry about teams in their own division. However, if they fall into one of the two wild card spots in the Eastern Conference, then they will have to worry about teams in the Metropolitan Division.

Now the Leafs have a five-point cushion on the second wild card spot, currently held by the Detroit Red Wings. With the acquisitions many teams made at the Trade Deadline, teams like the Wings, Columbus Blue Jackets, Washington Capitals, New Jersey Devils and Ottawa Senators will be looking to make up ground.

The Leafs could very well finish in any spot from the top three in the Atlantic, to one of the wild card spots to a spot outside the playoffs.


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2 Comments on Toronto Maple Leafs Daily Poll: In Which Spot Will The Leafs Finish The Season?

  1. Scottie Smalls says:

    It’s impossible to know where they will finish, but the way it usually goes they will get their biggest test right off the bat, just like last year!

  2. Scottie Smalls says:

    If Toronto had held on last season in that final 7:29 seconds and beat the Boston Bruins, the NY Rangers and possibly even the Penguins (considering how horribly they performed against Boston), who knows how far Toronto would have gone? A Stanley Cup final between them and the Chicago Blackhawks probably would have left most of us with ulcers the size of grapefruits.

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