2014 NHL All-Star Game Picks

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Due to the Olympics, there isn’t an NHL All-Star Game this year. But what if there was? Who would be on the teams? Which team would be favoured? What about a Young Stars Game? Who would participate in that event? These are just a few of the questions I’m going to try and answer today.

The Location

We’re going to play the game at Sun Life Stadium in Miami, Florida (pictured). After the outdoor game in Dodgers Stadium in Los Angeles on January 25, it’s time to give South Florida a shot. The players, the NHL, the sponsors, the fans; everybody will love it. The location is non-negotiable.

The Methodology

I selected 42 players I deemed are All-Star worthy. For the forwards, I just selected the top 24 forwards in scoring (except Alex Steen, who made it on the basis of his 28 goals) as of February 10. I could have looked at possession stats or minutes per game or a hundred different stats, but I’m trying to keep things simple here.

For the defensemen, I mostly did the same, looking at points and minutes per game. I also looked a bit at their possession stats from Extra Skater. I came up with hopefully a pretty good estimation of the 12 best defensemen in the league this year.

For the goalies, I looked at save percentage and games played. Ben Scrivens and Josh Harding, for two examples, have really high save percentages, but I decided they hadn’t played enough games to truly be considered All-Star worthy.

For the scoring and save percentage stats, I simply got those from NHL.com.

After I had picked out all 42 players, I wrote their names on a piece of paper. Then I tore every name off and threw them separately into three different hats: one for the forwards, one for the defense and one for the goaltenders. Then I picked one name at a time for each team, starting with the forwards, then moving to the defensemen, then lastly to the goalies.


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