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Toronto Maple Leafs Trade Rumors: Jake Gardiner & Nazem Kadri Being Dangled Together?

We’ve been hearing lots of trade rumors surrounding both Nazem Kadri and Jake Gardiner in separate deals. Now according to The Fourth Period, there might be talk of putting them in the same deal to achieve a better return.

TFP starts off by saying that the  Toronto Maple Leafs has been ‘actively’ searching for a top-line center. You could say that the Leafs have been looking for that since Mats Sundin left.

Acquiring a No. 1 center would obviously knock Kadri out of a job. TFP goes on to write this.

It’s believed the Maple Leafs would be willing to package Kadri and defenseman Jake Gardiner in a deal for a proven first-line center, and then move Tyler Bozak off of the top unit to man the second line.

It’s the fact that the Leafs might be willing to put both of them in the same deal that’s shocking. If this indeed happens, the No. 1 center better be a top tier centerman.

TFP mentions the Leafs talking with the Edmonton Oilers about Sam Gagner and they have interest in the Carolina Hurricanes’ Jeff Skinner and the Colorado Avalanches’ Paul Stastny.

Skinner is obviously the best choice out of those three as he is a year younger than Kadri. He is also from Toronto so the acquisition of Skinner would bring another hometown player back to Toronto.

Gagner would not be a good enough return for Kadri and Gardiner so there would have to be something else coming Toronto’s way. Most likely a mid-level prospect or a second-round pick.

Stastny would be a good pickup and might be worth Kadri and Gardiner just barely, but the problem is that he is a pending unrestricted free agent. The only way that deal would happen is if the Leafs were able to talk Colorado into re-signing him to a deal that Toronto would be okay with paying. Basically, Toronto would say “Offer Stastny This Amount of Dollars”, the Avalanche would make the offer and see if contract could be agreed to.

However, there is probably more talks going on that we don’t know about. Maybe Dave Nonis learned a few things from Brian Burke and there’s a return that we didn’t see coming from a team we weren’t even thinking about.

Parting with both Kadri and Gardiner would hurt but the only return that would be coming back for those two together would be one that would satisfy all but the harshest of Leafs fans. Nonis would make sure of that as he doesn’t look to be a general manager that is going to make dumb trades.

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15 Comments on Toronto Maple Leafs Trade Rumors: Jake Gardiner & Nazem Kadri Being Dangled Together?

  1. Lawrence Wilson says:

    Kadri is better than Gagner so it doesn’t make sense to make that trade at all. The Stastny trade also doesn’t make a lot of sense. He’s 28 and the Leafs have said they won’t trade young players for older players. Stastny has been on a a bit of a downward trajectory too while Kadri is most likely to only get better. Skinner is a very good player who is still very young. But he’s more of a scorer than a set-up man. The Leafs are looking for a set-up man for JVR and Kessel. If Skinner is the way the Leafs want to go, than he’d be better on the second line (maybe with Clark and Lupul) leaving the Leafs’ top line the way it is.

  2. d33x says:

    This does;t hold any merit.. Everyone you mentioned is not a top teir centre.. and the ones you did mention are RFA..

    • Jeffrey Langridge says:

      They may not be top tier centers, but they would definitely improve the Leafs center position. I only mentioned everyone that The Fourth Period mentioned and then added that there might might be other talks going on almost hoping that there would be.

      • D.WAdair says:

        How do you bird brains get these jobs in the first place, are they that hard up for reporters.

        • Jeffrey Langridge says:

          I read. I write. I publish. That’s all I do. Do I agree with the rumors? Not always. I just look at rumors and offer my opinion on them. Sometimes I think it could happen, but most of the time I don’t. This is one of those times.

  3. Scottie Smalls says:

    craziest trade rumours ever? where do you guys find this stuff?

    • Jeffrey Langridge says:

      I mention right in the article with a link, The Fourth Period. Do I believe that any of these will happen? It’s very unlikely. I just look for rumors and then write them down. Sometimes the crazier the better.

  4. Tim Bayer says:

    I know I get all my NHL news and info from “Hockey’s Lifestyle Magazine”.

    • Jeffrey Langridge says:

      They’re not all ‘lifestyle’ stuff, they do cover rumors. Some of them are normal, some of them are bigger.

      I love how people will talk about rumors that are not big at all and say “oh, this is nothing, why write about it” and then when some big, crazy rumor pops up, they say “oh, this is crazy, why write about it.

      • Tim Bayer says:

        I tend to ignore most rumours unless they’re from credible sources.

        • Jeffrey Langridge says:

          It’s well known that Nonis is willing to trade these two for the right return(s), and that has come from credible sources. I just look at what some people are saying about those talks. Some of them are more credible than others, but are still worth talking about.

  5. D.WAdair says:

    What in hell has GAGER ever done in his career nothing, I wouldn.t trade Kardi for him if they threw in picks. As for Stasty he making a bundle now so he is not going to take less ,these reporters have rocks in their heads . Even Skinner is not worth both Gardner and Kardri, a trade like that will come back and haunt them for years to come. Stay the course as Leafs are not going to challege for the cup for a while any way. Maybe they can pick up someone before or at the draft but don;t throw them youngest away for something that may not work in the first place. is a ‘first line’ center going to be able to play with Kessel who like Bozak at center. Fix the dam defence first and maybe thing will turn around,Bolland is not that far away Getting rid of Franson would be a start.on repairing the defense. Leafs are a few years from being a cup contender so there no big rush in trading away the future like they been doing for f,,,,,, years. Surely to God Nonis is not this stupid.

    • Jeffrey Langridge says:

      Well, the Leafs will have to make trades eventually. If the Leafs are simply going to develop into a Cup contender with time, what happens when their top prospects are ready to jump into the lineup. There is simply not enough room for everyone. In a few years, Fredrik Gauthier should be ready. Who’s he going to knock out of a job? What about Tyler Biggs? Stuart Percy? Josh Leivo? Petter Granberg?

      If you’re going to look into the future, you actually have to look at the Leafs future. Players like Kadri and Gardiner could very well be expendable based on that very future. I’m not saying it’s going to happen. I’m just saying it’s a possibility.

  6. Jeffrey Langridge says:

    Also, to everyone that’s commented, when was the last time we saw a young player constantly mentioned in trade rumors that would go on for months or even a year or two?

    His name was Luke Schenn. He was a young Leafs defenseman that hadn’t yet reached his potential. What happened? He was eventually traded and who’d the Leafs get for him? Oh yeah, a little known player named James van Riemsdyk.

    History could repeat itself with Kadri and Gardiner. You know what, we might get another player like JVR in return. That wouldn’t be too bad, would it?

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