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Toronto Maple Leafs Daily Poll: Who Is The Leafs' Best Shootout Player?

In the 2012-13 season, shootouts were the bane of the Toronto Maple Leafs existence. Not one out of five shootouts were won by the Leafs  last season. In fact, Tyler Bozak was the only Leaf to score in the shootout.

This why it’s so surprising that the Leafs have changed so much in that category. They have taken part in 13 shootouts this season with  record of 9-4 after last night’s win against the Buffalo Sabres. That is a big reason why they were able to hold on to a playoff spot for so long and why they’ve climbed back into one.

Last night the Leafs went 3-for-3 in the shootout with James van Riemsdyk, Joffrey Lupul and Bozak scoring against the Sabres’ Ryan Miller. It’s those three players who have been the biggest part of the their shootout success this year.

Sure, there is a slight problem that the Leafs are going to too many shootouts, giving other teams a single point. While the Leafs get the extra point, giving teams in the Eastern Conference a free point could come back to bite the Leafs. The Leafs need to start winning in regulation.

But who is the Toronto Maple Leafs’ best shootout player? Is it Bozak, who continues to be good at it two seasons in a row? Is it Lupul, who seems to be one of the best Leafs in the clutch moments? Or is it JVR, who seems to score in every single Leafs shootout?

Let’s find out what you think.

Who Is The Leafs' Best Shootout Player?

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6 Comments on Toronto Maple Leafs Daily Poll: Who Is The Leafs’ Best Shootout Player?

  1. Mike Martin says:

    The leafs don’t use their defence at all during shootouts. But I think their still not a contender for the playoff. They still need a centre and another veteran defence. Also I would like to see the leafs trade a couple guys to get some more player. Sam from oiler would be nice. But a change up is needed. They finialy got a couple wins but they need to win a lot more games I make the playoff.

    • Scottie Smalls says:

      yeah and that’s why they are right in the middle of the pack, having beat Boston in Boston and Buffalo at home, they didn’t get 24 wins by accident you know, and if you look at the numbers in the standings, they only have 8 losses more than 1st place Pittsburgh!

  2. Scottie Smalls says:

    I don’t like it when the Leafs go into shootouts but they seem to like it, because they have been winning!

    • Tim Bayer says:

      They have the speed and skill to excel at it, that’s for sure. Kind of weird how bad they were at it last year.

  3. Mike Martin says:

    Yes I agree. The leafs problem is they start off good but then they choke. Then they try then they miss the playoff. The leafs first line is good when they play but they need scoring from all 4 lines lup is pretty much the only other scorer on the second line with Raymond kardi play but. He doesn’t so much. I think is time for a change.

    • Tim Bayer says:

      Kadri played better last night, don’t you think? I liked the look of the Clarkson-Holland-Kulemin unit as well. Raymond definitely needs to pick up his play, but I don’t see much issue with the forwards as long as Carlyle keeps things the way they are.

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