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Toronto Maple Leafs Daily Poll: Would You Trade Jake Gardiner For Ryan O' Reilly?

Last night, I wrote an article about a rumor Eklund posted in which the Leafs would trade Jake Gardiner and a prospect to the Colorado Avalanche in exchange for Ryan O’Reilly.

Now, I am always of skeptical of Eklund rumors, but I had to write about that rumor because of what the trade could mean for the Leafs.

Trading Jake Gardiner is no stranger to trade rumors, but this might be the first where I think the trade would be good for the Leafs. The trouble of trading a player like Gardiner is that we don’t how he’ll develop in the next few years. If he turns into a great player, he could very well come back to bite the Leafs in the behind.

However, it’s acquiring a player like O’ Reilly that might offset that risk. No one really knows the situation between O’Reilly and Avalanche management since their contract situation at the beginning of last season. They could very well want to trade him because of a strained relationship.

Now, there has always been speculation that the Maple Leafs might be interested in O’ Rielly. If this rumor actually has something to it, the Leafs would probably have to look into it. Depending on the level of prospect they would want in return as well, it’s definitely a deal that would help both teams.

Would You Trade Jake Gardiner + A Prospect For Ryan O' Reilly?

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