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Toronto Maple Leafs Trade Rumors: Is Nazem Kadri Really On The Trading Block?

Here we go again.

It seems Nazem Kadri is always one step away from being the odd man out for the Toronto Maple Leafs. After apparently breaking out last season, Kadri is once again having a difficult season.

Kadri has had every chance to be successful. With Tyler Bozak out, Kadri was given a big chance to show that he could be the No. 1 center for the Maple Leafs. He didn’t do much, and neither did Phil Kessel and James van Riemsdyk while he was their center.

Prior to Dave Bolland‘s injury, Kadri was even having trouble retaining his second line spot to Bolland. With the injured hopefully returning after the Olympic break, will Kadri have the same problem?

Nazem Kadri has always been a mystery to the Leafs since he was drafted with the seventh overall pick in the 2009 draft. He struggled to make the team for more than a couple of years and when he did, he didn’t exactly look like a top-10 draft pick.

Last year, it finally looked like Kadri finally had it. However, being a lockout-shortened season, it looks like it could have been a fluke.

Now, a trade earlier this season has made it worse for Kadri. When the Leafs acquired Peter Holland from the Anaheim Ducks, it was simply to bring in more depth at the center position. Holland, however, has clearly outplayed Kadri on many nights.

All this has lead to many people saying that he is on the trading block. Here is some reaction on Twitter.

That’s reaction from professionals and fans alike. If this continues, Kadri will eventually be run out of town.

The question is, should he be run out of town? If he can’t step up his game when the Leafs clearly need him, is he worth keeping in the lineup. Ever since Holland has come in, it looks like that Holland just wants it more. Keep in mind that these two players were only drafted eight picks apart (Holland at 15th overall).

If the Leafs can find a deal that would send Kadri to another team and they get something of good value in return, I say make the deal. I don’t necessarily think it needs to be a center for center deal, as Damien Cox says. With Bozak, Bolland, Holland and Jay McClement, the Leafs would have four pretty good centers that fit each role well.

I don’t know what’s wrong, but it Nazem Kadri can’t figure it out soon, the Leafs will need to get rid of him. Who knows maybe a change of scenery is what he needs.

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15 Comments on Toronto Maple Leafs Trade Rumors: Is Nazem Kadri Really On The Trading Block?

  1. Lawrence Wilson says:

    Right now, Kadri looks like he’s going to get somewhere between 20 and 25 goals, and 45-50 points for the season. And he’s been in a long slump. He’s scoring about the same as Lupul with a much smaller cap hit. While he isn’t matching last years numbers, nobody really thought he would this year. Right now, he’s scoring at a respectable rate.

    Look at a player Toronto traded – Clark Macarthur. He’s a happy surprise in Ottawa because he’s scored a few more goals and had a handful more assists – playing 5 more games. He’s also making more money.

    Give Kadri the chance to grow through this. He will.

  2. Bill says:

    Leaf didn’t trade him. Carlyle didn’t like him, he split up his line with grabovsky and kulemin. So MacArthur signed with Ottawa and leafs got nothing in return.

    • Lawrence Wilson says:

      I messed up when I wrote MacArthur was traded. You’re exactly right.

      My point stands the same though – that MacArthur’s on a streak and only scoring a little more than Kadri, whose on a slump. While Ottawa fans are very happy with MacArthur, the media lets us think that Toronto needs to trade Kadri because he’s very nearly washed up.

      • Jeffrey Langridge says:

        The very fact that Kadri and MacArthur are being compared is bad for Kadri. He should be vastly outplaying a player like MacArthur. You don’t draft a player 7th overall to play like a surprising MacArthur.

        • D.WAdair says:

          How long has MacArther been around, sometime it take 4-5 years for a player to jell; how can a kid play good with a threat over his head all the time. Nonis should come out and say he is not available.

          • Jeffrey Langridge says:

            The problem is that almost every credible news outlet is saying that Nonis has made him available.

  3. Bill says:

    My fear is they trade him and it turns into another Tukka Rask trade where you think you have two promising young goalies and you trade the wrong one. It’s hard to tell how good Holland and Kadri are going to be in a couple years. Look at how good Steen has been this year for the blues. I don’t like how inconsistent Kadri has been but he has tons of skill and he wants to be better. He’s been working with Barb Underhill on his skating and has been getting faster.
    The rest of his game will pick up as time goes.
    I agree with you, the media loves to jump on struggling players and demand a trade but they have no idea what they are talking about. Carlyle wouldn’t have played Kadri on the first line while
    Bozak was out if he didnt like him or see something in him.

  4. Scottie Smalls says:

    If you are going to debate trading Nazem Kadri, why don’t you debate trading the rest of the team??!?

  5. William says:

    What do you mean we “need” to get rid of him? The last time I checked, Kadri is fourth in points and twelfth in TOI. Kadri only got a specific amount of ice time on the top line and wasn’t even put on the power play. Are you capable of doing any research? The problem isn’t Kadri. It’s the coach. Give the kid more ice time and let him develop. The only thing we “need” is to get rid of silly Leafs writers such as yourself with delusional expectations for young players.

    • Jeffrey Langridge says:

      If it’s the coach, then why did Kadri have such a good year last year. Carlyle has always been a supporter of Kadri when he plays up to his potential. It’s when he doesn’t play up to that potential that he frustrates Carlyle and fans alike.

      Kadri did get more ice time when Bozak out and for a player that thinks that he is already a No. 1 center, he certainly didn’t do much in that time. So the give him more ice time idea doesn’t exactly fly here.

      Delusional Expectations? I don’t think its delusional to think that a seventh overall pick should be able to hold down a spot on the second line without losing his job to Peter Holland and Dave Bolland when he’s healthy. Kadri has a lot of potential and a lot of players in his draft class are already fulfilling their potential.

      Also, I never said the Leafs need to trade him now. I said that if this slump extends any longer and this becomes the norm for him, then the Leafs would need to trade him, and I’m talking the deadline at the earliest and the off-season at the latest.

      • Tim Bayer says:

        Slumps happen. Kadri just needs to play through this. It’s all part of growing as a person and a hockey player to learn how to deal with these things. He’s only 23, it’s not like he turned into Scott Gomez or something.

        • Jeffrey Langridge says:

          What scares me is that someone, I forget who, compared Kadri to Mike Ribeiro when he was Kadri’s age. Not a bad comparison, but I would at least want Kadri to be compared to someone better than Ribeiro.

  6. D.WAdair says:

    He has to much upside to trade him now ,give the guy a few years, it took Steen a while to find his way. Kardi is only 23 I think so there is lots of time. but some of these experts have got their brain in their ass so nothing surprise me.

    • Jeffrey Langridge says:

      The thing about Steen is not many expected this type of production from him. Let’s not forget that he has only done this for this season and could not be the norm. Although, he does benefit from St. Louis’ system, so he has a chance to keep it up.

      Kadri on the other hand was expected to play like Steen is playing and is not. What I think is that Kadri thought he should have been a Leaf right out of the draft and doesn’t like that it took him so long to break into the lineup. His confidence sometimes becomes cockiness and that is his problem. He already thinks he is the best and you can’t learn if you think like that.

      • Tim Bayer says:

        Most smart hockey people predicted there would be some regression this year due to his abnormally high on-ice shooting percentage last year. You don’t go trading a 23-year-old centre with as much talent as Kadri because he hasn’t fit your expectations over a half-season.

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