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Detroit Red Wings vs. Toronto Maple Leafs (Game Number 42) Winter Classic Live Thread

Today is the big day! The Toronto Maple Leafs and Detroit Red Wings are gearing up to take it outside in about an hour to participate in this year’s Winter Classic. A record crowd of 107,000 or so will be packed into Michigan Stadium to take in the atmosphere, and I dare say there will be more than a few Leafs fans who made the trek from nearby Southern Ontario.

It’s going to be cold, so if you are planning to head down to the stadium, dress warmly. You won’t be dealing with Edmonton-level temperatures out there, but minus-11 degrees Celsius (12 degrees Fahrenheit) coupled with a wind chill still isn’t balmy by any means. But that’s all part of the atmosphere, right? I’ll be thinking of you sitting beside my fireplace watching on TV.

Jonathan Bernier will see the crease for the fourth straight game, the first such streak a Leaf goaltender has seen all season. The guy on the other end will be Jimmy Howard, who started for the first time since December 10 in a 6-4 loss to the Nashville Predators on Monday. It was a shaky return for Howard, so the Leafs will look to test him early to see if that performance is repeated this afternoon.

Both teams have struggled (as clearly documented if you’ve been following the 24/7 HBO documentary over the last few weeks), so maybe a chance to get outside and breathe in the crisp, fresh air will do them some good. The teams are tied for fourth in the Atlantic Division, and sit precariously in the two wild-card spots at the moment. They’ll be hoping to start the New Year on the right foot and make some ground on the third-place Montreal Canadiens, while still trying to keep the New Jersey Devils, New York Rangers and Ottawa Senators from nipping their heels.

For information on how to watch, how to listen, when the game starts, as well as the starting lineups and injuries, be sure to take in the preview compiled by Jeff. I have a feeling Daniel Alfredsson is going to play despite injury concerns, just because this will probably be his last opportunity to play in a game like this. I also have a weird hunch that Jerry D’Amigo is going to score for the Leafs, because he’s due for a goal and these outdoor games always seem to provide unexpected moments. Am I wrong?

Please comment below as you watch the game. If you’re especially irritated by the Leafs’ play because of a wicked hangover this afternoon, well, just know that you’re not alone. You can follow along with the tweeters right here:


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63 Comments on Detroit Red Wings vs. Toronto Maple Leafs (Game Number 42) Winter Classic Live Thread

  1. Tim Bayer says:


    @DarrenDreger: “Leafs and Hurricanes trying to complete Tim Gleason trade. It’s not done, still some work to do, but it’s headed towards conclusion. #tsn”

  2. Tim Bayer says:

    We now interrupt your Tim Gleason speculating with a hockey game between the Toronto Maple Leafs and Detroit Red Wings.

  3. Jeffrey Langridge says:

    Predictions for the game?

  4. Jeffrey Langridge says:

    Odds of Liles-Gleason deal happening during the game? That would be a first for the Winter Classic.

  5. Tim Bayer says:

    These jerseys are sick.

  6. Tim Bayer says:

    Ehhhh might’ve been a hold on DeKeyser

  7. Jeffrey Langridge says:

    Helm not playing for Detroit.

  8. Tim Bayer says:

    Kinda sad to see Holland on the fourth line. What a waste of talent.

  9. Tim Bayer says:

    There’s already a lot of snow on the ice. SHOVELS OUT!

  10. Jeffrey Langridge says:

    My thoughts exactly.

    @DamoSpin: “Tim Gleason, if he can find his game, might give the Leafs what a healthy Mark Fraser gave them last season. Or a lot more.”

    Leaf fans should at least give Gleason a chance before dumping on him.

  11. Tim Bayer says:


  12. Dan Goldsmith says:

    Any updates on Gleason-Liles? If anything it gives Carlyle one more player who’ll play his style. Rielly and Gardiner nullify a lot of what Liles brings.

  13. Tim Bayer says:

    I have a feeling this is going to be yet another game that ends in a shootout.

  14. Dan Goldsmith says:

    That Lupul crosscheck was ugly, call from Shanahan coming soon?

  15. Tim Bayer says:

    Of course Alfie crosschecked D’Amigo from behind. It’s his go-to move.

  16. Jeffrey Langridge says:

    First Period Over. 0-0. Red Wings Shots: 13 Leaf Shots: 5

  17. Tim Bayer says:

    Just wrote a little something on the reported Gleason trade:

  18. Jeffrey Mullen says:

    Hey guys, happy new year….

  19. Tim Bayer says:

    This game is awful

  20. Tim Bayer says:


  21. Tim Bayer says:


  22. Jeffrey Mullen says:

    This game is terrible. If it was in either the ACC or Joe I would have likely turned it off by now

  23. Tim Bayer says:

    I think it went off Lupul’s skate

  24. Tim Bayer says:

    Big Save Bernier

  25. Tim Bayer says:

    UPDATE: It’s still snowing.

  26. Tim Bayer says:


  27. Jeffrey Mullen says:


  28. Jeffrey Langridge says:


  29. Jeffrey Mullen says:

    He’s spent nearly as much time on his ass today as I have

  30. Tim Bayer says:

    That JvR goal was freakin gorgeous

  31. Tim Bayer says:

    The winning song in that HNIC SongQuest thing sounded pretty good.

  32. Tim Bayer says:

    Two hours and 46 minutes later and the third period is just starting.

  33. Tim Bayer says:

    Gunnarsson has quietly had a very good game in my opinion.

  34. Tim Bayer says:


  35. Tim Bayer says:

    Gotta be a good goal. BOZIE!

  36. Tim Bayer says:

    Ugh. Bad penalty for JvR to take there.

  37. Tim Bayer says:

    Bernier’s rebound control is impeccable.

  38. Tim Bayer says:


  39. Tim Bayer says:

    More snow.

  40. Jeffrey Langridge says:

    Maple Leafs the first Canadian team to win a Winter Classic. Yes I know they’re the first team to play in one.

  41. Tim Bayer says:

    The Leafs still can’t win in regulation but we’ll take it I guess.

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