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Toronto Maple Leafs vs. Los Angeles Kings (Game Number 32) Live Thread

The Toronto Maple Leafs will play their second straight home game tonight as they welcome the red-hot Los Angeles Kings to the Air Canada Centre. The Leafs fell 5-2 to the Boston Bruins on Sunday and continue their brutal December schedule against one of the best teams in the league.

The Kings are coming off a royal thumping of the Montreal Canadiens last night. Eleven different Kings found the score sheet and rookie goalie Martin Jones stopped all 16 shots he faced as they blanked the Habs 6-0. It was Jones’ second shutout in three games played this season, and he’ll get the nod again tonight.

Joffrey Lupul will play for the first time since November 25 when he suffered a groin injury. The Leafs will need their fifth-leading scorer to start producing right off the hop because this team is struggling. The Leafs have lost seven of their last ten games and need to right this ship quickly before it sinks completely.

The other big news is former King Jonathan Bernier will make his first-ever start against his former team. Bernier was traded to the Leafs for Matt Frattin, Ben Scrivens and a second-round pick in the offseason, and has come as advertised this season as he’s played superbly. He’ll have to be nothing short of spectacular for the Leafs to win tonight.

Speaking of Scrivens, he happens to lead the entire league in save percentage with a .943 in 15 games. Good trade for both teams, I guess.

For lineup, television, radio and other notes and info, check out James’ preview from earlier today. Here’s a list of tweeters you can follow along with as you watch the game tonight:

As always, please comment below and share your thoughts. GO LEAFS GO!

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90 Comments on Toronto Maple Leafs vs. Los Angeles Kings (Game Number 32) Live Thread

  1. Tim Bayer says:

    Frattin is a healthy scratch for the second straight game.

  2. Tim Bayer says:

    Rielly in, Liles out.

  3. Tim Bayer says:

    Martin Jones could build a gazebo with all the free time he’ll have during the game tonight. I don’t think he’s gonna see many shots.

  4. James Gleason says:

    Should be a fun game full of lols

  5. James Gleason says:

    Lupul back

  6. Tim Bayer says:

    One of those ONTARIA BOYZ is none other than Cobourg’s own Justin Williams. I hope he doesn’t score.

  7. Tim Bayer says:

    I hope Kessel terrorizes Jake Muzzin tonight.

  8. Tim Bayer says:

    Is it just my Internet or is that Twitter list not updating like at all?

  9. Tim Bayer says:


  10. Tim Bayer says:

    I love this line

  11. James Gleason says:

    The puck was in the kings zone. PROGRESS

  12. James Gleason says:

    Welp Fraser ranger on the ice

  13. Tim Bayer says:

    With Lupul back, I’m pretty happy with how the Top 9 looks now.

  14. James Gleason says:

    < 3 bernier

  15. Jeffrey Langridge says:

    Predictions for the final score anyone? I’ll start: 3-2 Kings

  16. James Gleason says:

    Kessel Kadri JVR line is great while it lasts

  17. James Gleason says:

    Leafs lead in shots yaya

  18. Tim Bayer says:

    gotta have Lupes

  19. Tim Bayer says:


  20. James Gleason says:

    It’s not 5-0 yet so woo

  21. Tim Bayer says:

    Lots of corsis in this game. FUN

  22. Tim Bayer says:

    Shots are only 2-2? Is that accurate?

  23. James Gleason says:

    Welp, leafs PK time

  24. James Gleason says:

    Paul ranger blows

  25. James Gleason says:


  26. Tim Bayer says:

    Well I had my Doughtys about this PK

  27. Jeffrey Langridge says:

    Well, that was bound to happen.

  28. Tim Bayer says:

    Fraser-Franson should never be a pairing on the PK. EVER.

  29. Tim Bayer says:

    Welcome to the Phaneufapocalypse

  30. James Gleason says:


  31. Tim Bayer says:

    Kulemin has 3 shots already that’s great

  32. Tim Bayer says:

    Gardiner and Rielly are a pair! LOVE

  33. Tim Bayer says:

    Ranger-Fraser on the other hand………..

  34. Tim Bayer says:

    Lupul looks real good

  35. Tim Bayer says:

    That went better than expected

  36. James Gleason says:

    That’s like taking a bullet and avoiding a shotgun blast

  37. Tim Bayer says:

    I have a question:
    Why wasn’t Fraser focused on clearing the net on the PP goal? Instead he just stood in front of the Kings player in front of the net, essentially making sure there was no way Bernier could see it.

  38. Tim Bayer says:

    It’s like Mike Zeisberger is the czar of meaningless stats. Was just tweeting about plus/minus, now about face-off percentage.

  39. James Gleason says:

    C’mon phill

  40. James Gleason says:

    The leafs out shoot an opponent GET SHUTOUT

  41. Tim Bayer says:

    The Leafs need a Doughty

  42. Tim Bayer says:

    Colin Fraser is hurt?

  43. James Gleason says:

    Wow play a crap player crap player makes crap play

  44. Tim Bayer says:

    oh crap that looks really bad

  45. Tim Bayer says:

    Wait, JvR is playing centre on the PP? Why?

  46. James Gleason says:

    This is fun

  47. James Gleason says:

    OMG Phil

  48. Tim Bayer says:

    beautiful little drop pass by JvR

  49. Tim Bayer says:


  50. James Gleason says:

    Kessel so badly wants to score

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