Toronto Maple Leafs betting

The National Hockey League has almost as many followers in the United States and Canada, as the likes of American football and baseball, and this goes for gambling on it as well as attending the matches. The 2013/14 season of the NHL has been underway since the start of October, but it would daft to think that people waiting until then to start putting bets on the teams, as this activity begins virtually the minute the previous season ends. The Toronto Maple Leafs are surely one of the sides that a lot of those people will be seriously considering a wager on, for the Atlantic Division, Eastern Conference or Stanley Cup.

You can get pretty low odds for the Maple Leafs on all three of these, from bookies, as they are clearly considered serious contenders – even if not one of the absolute hot favorites. Certainly at 4/1 for the Atlantic Division, they are not far off being favorites, but they are also a very attractive pick for the Conference at 101/ and the Stanley Cup at 21/1. The latter could be particularly interesting for the ice hockey betting punter seeking a team to bet on with both a reasonable chance of success and odds long enough to make the gamble worthwhile – although an online casino ice hockey slot also provides great payout chances.

Slot games themed around ice hockey are a relatively recent addition to these sites, with Break Away being the one that has attracted the most attention. This is largely because of the high definition quality of the graphics used to depict ice hockey scenarios on the five reels, as they vividly depict the sometimes brutal action. Throw in the fact that many of them light up at key moments in your game play, and you have an exciting, immersive casino experience. Furthermore, with the $500 jackpot, a remarkable 243 pay lines, as well as the wild symbol, this game gives you an even better chance of a payout than the average slot game – meaning a very good chance indeed.

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