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Toronto Maple Leafs News & Notes: November 27, 2013

Another day, another game.

The Toronto Maple Leafs will look to bounce back from their horrible 6-0 loss to the Columbus Blue Jackets on Monday as they face the Pittsburgh Penguins in Pittsburgh tonight.

Ironically, the Leafs have beat the Penguins a game after losing to the Blue Jackets already this season. Let’s hope that can happen again.

Here’s the news and notes of the day.

Leafs Test Fraser-Franson Pairing

Fraser and Franson were one of the Leafs best defensive pairings last year. Maybe they can find that magic again. From Lance Hornby of the Toronto Sun.

Leafs Hanging ‘Our Goalies Out To Dry’

After the drubbing they took against Columbus, it’s hard not to think that. From Lance Hornby of the Toronto Sun.

Maple Leafs: Penthouse Empty, Doghouse Full

A short article explaining where exactly the Toronto Maple Leafs players fit in Randy Carlyle’s eyes at the moment. From Mark Zwolinski of the Toronto Star.

Leafs Offering Extension To Bolland?

A look at the details that go along with re-signing Dave Bolland. He is definitely a player that the the Leafs need to re-sign, regardless of his injury. From chemmy at Pension Plan Puppets.

Sunday Night Leafs Hockey?

A look at how the new Rogers TV deal impacts the Leafs and a possible move from Saturday to Sunday night. I don’t think that will happen as CBC has a deal for Hockey Night in Canada for the next four years. From birky at Pension Plan Puppets.

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