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Jake Gardiner Trade Rumors: What Could The Toronto Maple Leafs Get?

The infamous hockey blogger known as Eklund is back with a Toronto Maple Leaf rumor. While I never put much stock in his rumors, I thought I’d touch on his latest rumor concerning the Leafs.

The rumor is that the Leafs are talking to the Philadelphia Flyers and Calgary Flames about young defenseman Jake Gardiner. It seems the Colorado Avalanche are in on the talks as well.

Now, I doubt anything that comes from Eklund’s blog, but just for fun, let’s ask the question of what the Leafs could get for Gardiner from each team.


Ekulund mentions Brayden Schenn as a player that the Leafs might want, but the Flyers would be reluctant to part with him.

While it would be nice to see the more talented Schenn brother in a Leaf uniform, it would take more than Gardiner to acquire him. Keep in mind that the last time the Leafs traded a young defenseman for a underachieving forward, the Leafs ended up with James van Riemsdyk and the Flyers got Luke Schenn.

I think the best the Leafs could get from the Flyers is a first-round pick as I don’t think they’d want to get rid of any young players on their roster or prospects.


Darren Dreger tweeted yesterday that the Flames are willing to move center Mikael Backlund. The 24th overall pick in the 2007 NHL Draft, Backlund has struggled to live up to his potential in Calgary.

It would probably take another prospect on top of Gardiner to bring in Backlund, but it might be the best return the Leafs could get for Gardiner.


If the Leafs were to clear about seven million dollars in cap space, a deal that would net the Leafs Paul Stastny would be perfect. The acquisition of Stastny would appease most detractors of Tyler Bozak being the Leafs’ No. 1 center as Stastny could be the perfect fit in between Phil Kessel and JVR.

The only problem would be Stastny’s $6.6 million cap hit for the rest of this season. He is a UFA at season’s end, but that cap hit would still be a lot to swallow.

What do you guys think the Leafs should get for Gardiner?

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3 Comments on Jake Gardiner Trade Rumors: What Could The Toronto Maple Leafs Get?

  1. Bill says:

    They shouldn’t trade him. Gardiner and Reilly are room mates, they play great on the power play together. They would have to get something significant for me to be happy about this.

  2. Bill says:

    Gardiner and picks for Matt Duchene, another Canadian from ontario who would play his heart out in the acc. I would be amazed if nonis pulled that off although I was shocked when he got Bernier.

  3. Vivek Bhatt says:

    I’m pretty pissed about your offers. Philly’s offer of Schenn is pretty crap, as he hasn’t produced a good season yet. Gardiner is managing in the biggest hockey market with so much pressure. So it would actually take Schenn + 2nd or a 1st for a deal to mature. Gardiner is easily a more useful player, and remember we are dealing from a place of strength, and solving their weakness.

    For Calgary, this would be such a bad offer it almost makes me puke. TORONTO would have to offer more, in what world are you living in? Gardiner is the more established player and it would be a minimum Backlund and a 1st for Toronto to even pick up the phone. Sure, Calgary is probably headed for the cleaners, and the only reason Toronto would be interested in that is because of Aaron Ekblad. Assuming Phaneuf resigns, then this would be an interesting deal. Else, a complete waste.

    Colorado is interesting… They have interest, but in what world would the Leafs want another upcoming UFA. We already have a few to deal with, and even with the cap going up, we are pretty well set at Center, even with the lack of faith in Bozak. Duchene is an interesting piece, but there is probably no trade here, as Toronto would want an asset that Colorado would find too big to give up.

    Overall, run with this team at-least till All-Star break…

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