Toronto Maple Leafs Writers Needed For Editor In Leaf


A message from FanSided’s NHL Director, Derek Stykalo:

With the NHL season well under way, we are looking to expand our staff of writers here at Editor In Leaf. Any and all Leafs fans that want the chance to share their opinion and views of this great franchise are encouraged to apply.

Whether you are new to the blogging scene or have years of experience, if you’re interested please apply here. One of our members of the leadership team will be in contact with you.

Finding the time to write can be challenging so we don’t want this to become a burden on you. As a member of Editor In Leaf you’ll be able to contribute as much content as you wish, or post when time simply permits. In the end, it’s about an enjoyable experience while following the team that we all love.

We are looking for Staff Writers who are committed to producing the minimum of four posts per month. Experience is not mandatory, but it is an asset. All writers should have the ability to proofread and format their work so it’s fit to publish.

Our agreement with means that your work will be seen by potentially thousands of readers in a month, giving you the exposure you crave if you’re an aspiring sports journalist.

Of course most of us are doing this for the sheer passion of the game and our love for writing. So if that sounds like you and you want to try your hand at the blogging world, by all means fill out an application.

The Leafs are near the top of the Eastern Conference standings, and are creating high levels of excitement for their legion of diehard fans. By adding to our staff here at Editor In Leaf, we will be able to continue to grow the site and cover the Leafs to the most detailed aspect possible.

We offer a full range of support from editing to tech support to social media tips and tricks; all designed to help make you a better writer which in turn will help take the site to new heights.

If you’re up for the challenge then apply now. If you’d like to know more about the opportunity before applying then please feel free to email me at [email protected]


Derek Stykalo

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  1. Droberts says:

    “I want to but the link is unavailable at the moment”

  2. Droberts says:

    I am a toronto native die hard and i mean DIE HARD leafs fan who is living in london for the year but still watches every leafs game via who knows hockey like the back of his hand. If you give me the opportunity to share some valuable and serious thoughts, concerns and input on not only the leafs play but the wellbeing of leafs rosters and future success i will not let you down. Help me gain my wish of sharing my thoughts to the leafs world.

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