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Toronto Maple Leafs Vs. Buffalo Sabres (Game Number 20): Live Game Thread

Here we go again.

The Toronto Maple Leafs and Buffalo Sabres are going at it again in the second half of a home and home series.

After a 3-1 loss last night, the Leafs will look to rebound and get back on the winning side of things. In five November games, the Leafs have only three out of possible 10 points. That has led the Leafs to fall into fourth place in the Atlantic Division. A win tonight would put them in a tie for second with the Boston Bruins.

It is imperative that the Leafs win tonight or they will continue to fall further down the standings.

The Leafs will have newly-acquired Peter Holland in the lineup. This should allow James van Riemsdyk to move back to his natural left wing position. Holland should and probably will be given a chance to play in the top six, maybe even the first line alongside van Riemsdyk and Phil Kessel.

Nazem Kadri will serve the second game of his three-game suspension. With Jonathan Bernier getting the start last night, expect James Reimer to get the start against the Sabres’ Ryan Miller

For full lineups and a deeper look at the game, check out the preview I wrote earlier today.

Join in on the game thread by commenting. You can watch the game on CBC’s Hockey Night in Canada and listen to it on TSN 1050 radio.

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76 Comments on Toronto Maple Leafs Vs. Buffalo Sabres (Game Number 20): Live Game Thread

  1. Jeffrey Langridge says:

    Looks like Peter Holland will indeed start at center between van Riemsdyk and Kessel

  2. Jeffrey Langridge says:

    Jhonas Enroth will start for the Sabres instead of Miller.

  3. Jeffrey Langridge says:

    Game is on.

  4. Jeffrey Langridge says:

    Leafs come close to scoring the first goal but puck stays out of the net.

  5. Jeffrey Langridge says:

    Play is under review

  6. Jeffrey Langridge says:

    Apparently, the puck did go into the net. However, it was kicked in. No goal.

  7. Jeffrey Langridge says:

    Now we have a goal. 1-0 Leafs. James van Riemsdyk tips it in. Guess it was good he moved back to the wing.

  8. Jeffrey Langridge says:

    Great play by Holland on that shift too.

  9. Jeffrey Langridge says:

    Very good start by the Leafs.

  10. Jeffrey Langridge says:

    Kessel just missed on a 3-on-1. Should have been 2-0

  11. Jeffrey Langridge says:

    Leafs are out-shooting Buffalo. Just like last night. Have we entered some sort of alternate reality?

  12. Jeffrey Langridge says:

    Leafs go to the power play. Long delayed call. When Sabres finally touched it, Marcus Foligno almost slapped it towards the empty net. Good thinking. That’s a good way to get on Orr and McLaren’s hit list.

  13. Jeffrey Langridge says:

    van Riemsdyk on the power play! 2-0! Another deflection off of a Cody Franson shot.

  14. Jeffrey Langridge says:

    JVR should never play a game at center again.

  15. Jeffrey Langridge says:

    Leafs D-men have scored many goals, but Franson has definitely contributed with 12 assists (two tonight).

  16. Jeffrey Langridge says:

    Almost 3-0. Puck just an inch to the left of the left post.

  17. Jeffrey Langridge says:

    Mark Masters of TSN just tweeted that JVR, in 13 games and one period on the wing, has 9 goals and 6 assists.

  18. Jeffrey Langridge says:

    Nice save by Reimer on Steve Ott.

  19. Jeffrey Langridge says:

    Holland has looked really good tonight.

  20. Jeffrey Langridge says:

    Clarkson has come close a few times tonight. It’s only a matter of time before he gets going.

  21. Jeffrey Langridge says:

    Craig Simpson just mentioned that Mark Fraser has missed his last three shifts. Don’t know if it’s an injury or something else.

  22. Jeffrey Langridge says:

    First period ends with the Leafs up 2-0. Leafs get as many goals in one period than they have the past two games.

  23. Jeffrey Langridge says:

    Nazem Kadri has been renamed “Nathan Kadri” by Don Cherry. Just a little mistake, but they seem to be piling up for Grapes.

  24. Jeffrey Langridge says:

    Here we go for the second period.

  25. Jeffrey Langridge says:

    Mark Fraser remains in Leafs dressing room.

  26. Jeffrey Langridge says:

    Ott and Clarkson fight! Finally

  27. Jeffrey Langridge says:

    I’d say Clarkson wins.

  28. Tim Bayer says:

    FINALLY able to log on

  29. Tim Bayer says:

    So Clarkson had to fight because of a perfectly clean hit on McBain according to Glenn Healy and The Code?

  30. Jeffrey Langridge says:

    McClement to the penalty box.

  31. Jeffrey Langridge says:

    Leafs kill off the McClement penalty.

  32. Jeffrey Langridge says:

    Boy, Reimer has bad luck with head collisions.

  33. Tim Bayer says:


  34. Tim Bayer says:


  35. Jeffrey Langridge says:

    Holland gets his first penalty as a Leaf.

  36. Jeffrey Langridge says:

    Another good kill by the Leafs.

  37. Tim Bayer says:


  38. Tim Bayer says:


  39. Jeffrey Langridge says:

    3-0 Leafs! Definitely a better game than last night.

  40. Jeffrey Langridge says:

    Evgeni Nabakov was injured in the Islanders game tonight. Could we see another Islanders-Sabres trade with Miller heading to Long Island?

  41. Tim Bayer says:

    “Smeagol’d” hahahah Jim Hughson inventing verbs from LOTR characters

  42. Tim Bayer says:


  43. Tim Bayer says:

    A clear dive by Ott.

  44. Tim Bayer says:

    Still, how the crap is that a penalty on Gunnar?

  45. Jeffrey Langridge says:

    Ott was definitely help up by Gunnarsson. Ott just embellished just a little too much.

  46. Jeffrey Langridge says:

    3-0 Leafs at the end of the second period.

    • Tim Bayer says:

      How did the Leafs lose last night??????? I’m honestly confused because I missed the game.

      • Jeffrey Langridge says:

        Their offense never really got going. Bernier had a great game, just didn’t have enough goal support.

        • Tim Bayer says:

          ah. I think honestly having JvR back on the wing has helped a lot.

          • Jeffrey Langridge says:

            Most definitely. I think Holland was a great pickup by the Leafs, both in the short term and long term.

          • Tim Bayer says:

            I like it too, but Blacker and a second rounder is kind of a lot to give up.

          • Jeffrey Langridge says:

            It’s only a second-rounder if Holland plays more than 25 games. With Kadri and Bozak coming back soon, Holland will more than likely be sent back down. Blacker was never going to make it to the Leafs. As much I liked him in Toronto, I’ll be happy to see him get a chance in Anaheim.

          • Tim Bayer says:

            Yeah that’s true. i wouldn’t say Blacker would “never” make the Leafs, but I agree their D depth makes the loss palatable.

          • Jeffrey Langridge says:

            Maybe not never, but the Leafs have guys like Rielly, Percy, Finn, Granberg, and MacWilliam on the Marlies. They all have a great shot one day. Rielly already being on the team, of course. Blacker wasn’t being given the chance as he was a healthy scratch most nights.

          • Tim Bayer says:

            Yeah I agree. If Holland plays less than 25 I like the deal much better.

  47. Jeffrey Langridge says:

    Third period underway.

  48. Jeffrey Langridge says:

    Jamie McBain scores for the Sabres to make it 3-1.

  49. Tim Bayer says:

    Uhhh, what?

  50. Jeffrey Langridge says:

    Finally, some fireworks.

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