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Vancouver Canucks vs. Toronto Maple Leafs (Game Number 15): Live Game Thread

It’s Hockey Night In Canada, meaning the Toronto Maple Leafs are back in action in their usual 7 p.m. time slot on CBC. However, this isn’t any average Saturday night game. The Leafs are in Vancouver, taking on a Canucks team they haven’t faced since February of 2012. It’s also Pavel Bure night in Van City, as they’ll be retiring his number-10 jersey to the Rogers Arena rafters.

The Leafs are finishing off a three-game road trip through Western Canada, and are perfect on the trip so far, going 2-0 against the two Alberta teams. Tonight, however, they face a much stiffer test. The Canucks have a slightly worse record than the Leafs (9-5-1 compared to 10-4-0), but have done so in the far more difficult Pacific division, and have still won four of their last five games.

The dangerous trio of Daniel Sedin, Henrik Sedin and Ryan Kesler leads the team; along with a stacked blue-line that includes Dan Hamhuis, Alex Edler and Kevin Bieksa; while veteran goaltender Roberto Luongo is still going strong. For more on both team’s lineups, check out our game preview.

As for the Leafs, tonight they’ll get Nikolai Kulemin back in their forward ranks. Kulemin’s addition comes at a great time with Carter Ashton being suspended for this game and the next. We’ll be keeping a close eye on Twitter to see whom he’ll be lining up with in the pre-game line rushes.

With less than half an hour until game time, please join us for the game thread in the comments below. What are your predictions? I’ll get things started off: The Leafs will win this one 3-2 in a shootout, with the winner courtesy a spin-o-rama goal by former Canuck Mason Raymond.


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78 Comments on Vancouver Canucks vs. Toronto Maple Leafs (Game Number 15): Live Game Thread

  1. Dale Lamontagne says:

    James Reimer will start.

  2. Tim Bayer says:

    This Pavel Bure montage is amazing.

  3. Tim Bayer says:

    OF COURSE Jim Hughson is hosting this thing. What a homer.

  4. Mohamed Mohamed says:


  5. Tim Bayer says:

    Puck drop is 7:23.

  6. Mohamed Mohamed says:

    I actually don’t know who gets a boner quicker, Jim Hughson or Bill Simmons talking Boston

  7. Mohamed Mohamed says:

    Hey Bure’s wife, this is a family show…

  8. Tim Bayer says:

    When does Bure’s wife give a speech?

  9. Tim Bayer says:

    His accent is amazing.

  10. James Gleason says:

    miss ya pat quinn

  11. Tim Bayer says:

    Wait, who’s Gino?

  12. Tim Bayer says:

    Gino Odjick? That guy was terrible. He was the Colton Orr of the mid-’90s.

  13. Tim Bayer says:

    He should’ve kept number 96.

  14. Tim Bayer says:

    Whoa! Mark Donnelly has lost so much weight!

  15. Tim Bayer says:


  16. James Gleason says:

    tough start should be a long night

  17. Kurtis Friesen says:

    What an opening ceremony! The greatest goal scorer ever.. The Russian Rocket!! Now let’s kill the mood boyz! GO LEAFS GO!!

  18. Kurtis Friesen says:

    I’m feeling another big game from Kadri..

  19. James Gleason says:

    optimus looking good early on

  20. James Gleason says:

    holy moly

  21. Tim Bayer says:


  22. Dale Lamontagne says:


  23. Tim Bayer says:

    The Toe of God.

  24. James Gleason says:

    love you james reimer

  25. Kurtis Friesen says:

    HOLY REIMER!! Is he ever silencing all critics of late, including me. He looks more athletic than ever, he wasn’t making ANY of those saves a year ago,,

  26. Kurtis Friesen says:

    Actually a good point by Healy about the small pads helping agility. I’ve seen it all over the league this year..

  27. Tim Bayer says:

    The Sedins will be in my nightmares.

  28. Kurtis Friesen says:

    Way to jynx that one Jim…

  29. Tim Bayer says:

    Do the Leafs have a shot yet?

  30. James Gleason says:

    that goal was puurty

  31. Mohamed Mohamed says:

    Wow, its like James Reimer is a good goalie. Who knew….

  32. James Gleason says:

    Shots: leafs 1 me 1

  33. Mohamed Mohamed says:

    Don’t ever quote Allen Iverson Jim Hughson

  34. Kurtis Friesen says:

    Hhahaaha I wonder if Hughson and Simpson know where that “practice?” rant is from..

  35. Tim Bayer says:


  36. Tim Bayer says:

    oh dear. JvR that was embarrassing.

  37. Tim Bayer says:


  38. James Gleason says:

    burrorws did good got kessel off the ice. efff

  39. Dale Lamontagne says:

    Kessel? Also, Lupul hurt?

  40. Tim Bayer says:

    Wait, I missed that. Did Orr and Sestito get tossed?

  41. James Gleason says:

    weird game for far

  42. Tim Bayer says:

    Did Lupul just accidentally hit Kadri?

  43. Tim Bayer says:

    Insult to injury.

  44. Tim Bayer says:

    I really hope that wasn’t a Karlsson scenario.

  45. Tim Bayer says:

    Lupul on the fourth line?

  46. Jeffrey Mullen says:

    looks like the shooting percentages are coming back to earth

  47. Mohamed Mohamed says:

    The Leafs might be done in by the Corsi gods but their Punch Corsi remains intact

  48. Mohamed Mohamed says:

    And on that note, Goodnight Game Thread. Hello Raps game and Isos

  49. James Gleason says:

    I hate this game

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