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Are The Toronto Maple Leafs Interested in Nail Yakupov?

Well, it was bound to happen eventually. The Edmonton Oilers need a goaltender and have a young Russian that could be considered expendable in Nail Yakupov. The Leafs have a good, young goaltender who is in a contract year in James Reimer. Sounds like a perfect match, right?

Maybe not. Dave Naylor of TSN asked his colleague Darren Dreger if the Leafs would trade Reimer for Yakupov.

Notice that Naylor asked if it would be a straight one-for-one deal. I don’t want to put words in Dreger’s mouth, but if the Leafs were to put in a second round pick or a defensive prospect along with Reimer, maybe his answer would change.

However, would the Leafs be interested in Yakupov? Even with all of his talent, the “Russian Factor” will always hang around in some minds around the NHL. If Yakupov were to go back to Russia to play in the KHL, that would put the Leafs in a bad position.

While that might be a possibility, the fact that Yakupov decided to play all of his junior hockey, except for last year’s lock-out shortened season, in the OHL with the Sarnia Sting, I have to believe that he wants to play in the NHL for the foreseeable future.

So the Leafs should be interested in Yakupov, as should any team. He would give the Leafs a dynamic offensive talent on the second line to go along with Kessel on the first line. Also, a line of Joffrey Lupul, Nazem Kadri and Yakupov might be downright scary. That would give the Leafs some scary depth at forward. Here would be the projected lines.

James van RiemsdykTyler BozakPhil Kessel

Joffrey LupulNazem KadriNail Yakupov

Mason RaymondDave BollandDavid Clarkson

Nikolai KuleminJay McClementColton Orr

Extras: Carter Ashton, Frazer McLaren

The more I think about it, I would definitely trade Reimer and a pick or prospect for Yakupov. Whether the Oliers would do it is another question. If they can’t acquire Ryan Miller, Reimer might be the best option for them.

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4 Comments on Are The Toronto Maple Leafs Interested in Nail Yakupov?

  1. Furjay1980 says:

    You must be a leafs fan to actually think Reimer is a significant goalie…by the way Nail yakapov had the most goals of any rookie last year. Keep that overrated flop of a goalie in T.O.

    • Jeffrey Langridge says:

      It seems that everyone outside of Toronto thinks every Maple Leaf is overrated. The truth is, that a lot of Leafs, including Reimer, is better than everyone thinks.

    • Tim Bayer says:

      I agree the Oilers would and should never do that deal, but Reimer was a top-10 goalie last year.

      • Jeffrey Langridge says:

        If I were the Oilers, now way it happens in a straight-up deal. That’s why the Leafs would need to add additional pieces

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