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Browsing the Barilkosphere - September 25, 2013

Today’s BTB features roughly 98 per cent more goonery than normal. Hmmm, I wonder why…

Mirtle: Leafs’ goon culture comes back to bite them

In case you missed this, James Mirtle of The Globe and Mail has a great piece on the NHL’s (and Randy Carlyle’s) goon culture.

The NHL Drops The Ball Following The Buffalo Sabres – Toronto Maple Leafs Brawl

Uh-oh, the Sabres fans are mad. Richard Spalding of Sabre Noise does some venting.

PPP Story Time: Prince Kessel and the Captain of the Guard

Gather ’round! Gather ’round! Draglikepull of Pension Plan Puppets has a tale to tell!

NHL enforcers are disappearing, and it doesn’t have to be easy

Shortly after this was posted, the Edmonton Oilers in response to the Zack Kassian-Sam Gagner incident brought in MacIntyre. From Sean Gentille of the Sporting News. Speaking of which…

Steve MacIntyre can’t help Sam Gagner

Remember when Colton Orr was a healthy scratch with the Marlies not too long ago? Just thought I’d throw that out there. More from Gentille at SN.

Man Games Lost and Major Penalties

My brother gave me an idea to look into something like this, but I forgot about it. Luckily, Curtis LeBlanc of Oil! The Blog did it for me.

Leo Komarov on the Leafs, KHL, and more.

Leo Komarov is the best. From Tomas Kmec for The LeafsNation.

No goons, just good: Red Wings’ winning ways fights NHL belief that every team needs enforcer

“I haven’t really bought into having fourth-line guys that don’t have much skill and are one-dimensional players. I guess I put more of a premium on goals.” (*Cries*) From Nick Cotsonika of Yahoo.

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