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Browsing the Barilkosphere - September 3, 2013

Named after former Toronto Maple Leaf great Bill Barilko, the Barilkosphere is a network of blogs and websites devoted to bringing you the news, information and opinion (and lots of it) regarding the Leafs you crave as a fan. This feature is dedicated to bringing you the best of the Barilkosphere every day except Sunday. So sit back and relax, pour yourself another cup of Joe and enjoy today’s round of fresh links.

Phaneuf eyeing big year with Toronto Maple Leafs and potentially Canada’s Olympic team

Dion Phaneuf would love to stay in Toronto, and if the Leafs are forced to trade Cody Franson, his presence will be needed that much more. From Kristen Odland of the Calgary Herald.

Phil Kessel still unsure about future with Maple Leafs

Kessel says he would rather not discuss his contract during the season, but it’s pretty clear General Manager Dave Nonis has enough to worry about right now anyway. From Rob Longley of the Toronto Sun.

Getting to know your enemy: The Toronto Maple Leafs

A pretty funny outlook on the team from SkinnyFish of Pension Plan Puppets via Hockey Wilderness.

5-Year, 3-Year and 2-Year Fenwick Close Standings

The Leafs are the worst possession team in the NHL, and have been for the last three years. From Derek Zona of The Copper & Blue.

Corey Crawford Signs 6 Year Extension With The Chicago Blackhawks

Good player, and probably signed what the market dictated. On a related note, James Reimer is gonna get PAAAIIIIID next offseason. From Sean Fitzgerald of Blackhawk Up.

Previewing The Montreal Canadiens New Division: Who Will Finish 7th?

A Winning Habit is previewing the new Atlantic Division, and Kenny MacMillan revealed his prediction for seventh place.

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