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Browsing The Barilkosphere - August 3rd Links

Named after former Toronto Maple Leaf great Bill Barilko, the Barilkosphere is a network of blogs and websites devoted to bringing you the news, information and opinion (and lots of it) regarding the Leafs you crave as a fan. This feature is dedicated to bringing you the best of the Barlikosphere every day except Sunday. So sit back and relax, pour yourself another cup of Joe and enjoy today’s round of fresh links.

Do these Leafs look better than the old Leafs?

Keep in mind the defense is going to get even worse if John-Michael Liles is bought out this weekend. From Ryan Fancey of The Leafs Nation.

Leafs second buy-out window opens

Didn’t realize the cap penalty goes up pretty significantly in the third year of a Liles buy-out. From Cam Charron of The Leafs Nation.

An interview with Toronto Maple Leafs Director of Player Development Jim Hughes

Some interesting thoughts on a bunch of Leafs prospects. From Alec Brownscombe of Maple Leafs Hot Stove.

An Inside Look at the Leafs’ Approach to Advanced Stats

An intriguing interview with Leafs head statistician Chad Finds. From mf37 of Pension Plan Puppets.

The Top 25 Under 25 Returns!

Time to get re-acquainted with the Baby Buds. From clrkaitken of PPP.

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