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It was reported yesterday that the Toronto Maple Leafs are currently the front-runners for LA Kings netminder, Jonathan Bernier. The Philadelphia Flyers and Minnesota Wild  are also in the mix and the Kings will take the best offer from the three teams.

Reports surfaced yesterday that the Leafs made a significant pitch for the 24-year-old Laval, Quebec native and it’s believed the Kings want to move Bernier prior to the June 30th NHL Entry Draft. Bernier requested a trade from the Kings back at the mid-season deadline, but now expects to be traded near the beginning of training camp and hopes to become a starter.

Bernier is currently a Restricted Free-Agent.

Alright, so here’s the situation. I understand Dave Nonis wants  to improve in every position, but he will end up wasting assets on Bernier, which could be used for more important issues, like adding a top-four defenseman or chasing a number one centre. It’s clear that James Reimer is now the Leafs starter due to his impressive performance this season and during the playoffs, but by adding Bernier, this will only create a goaltender controversy which will be an unnecessary distraction for the Leaf goaltender and the rest of the team. Adding Bernier makes zero sense because the Leafs already have a guy (Reimer) who can capably start, and there is no strong evidence showing that Bernier could top him, at least right now.

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2 Comments on Latest on the Leafs and Bernier

  1. Welder24 says:

    DISAGREE. Reimer handles the puck like a grenade, and I am not convinced he will ever be a true #1 because of this. Rebound control is what makes a goalie great. Reimer doesn’t have that. Probably never will. Bringing in Bernier, even if Nonis trades the first pick, is a smart move. 21st pick overall is watered down anyway after the top 10 are selected. It’s not like we’d be giving the pick for nothing. Bernier is still a significant asset.

  2. Brandon Shafiei says:

    Why not? Reimer is a great #1, but would you rather have Scrivens in net or Bernier?

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