FanSided 30-in-30: Montreal Canadiens

Do I really have to write about the Habs? Montreal comes into the 2011-12 season without a whole lot of significant additions. The biggest piece they added was power forward Erik Cole, while they gave Carey Price a decent backup in the form of Peter Budaj. If they think either of those additions is going to be the piece that puts them over the top, they’re sadly mistaken. Still, I’m not one to really point fingers when the Habs have been in the playoff picture the last few seasons, and took the Stanley Cup champion Bruins to seven games in the first round of last year’s playoffs. Steve Ellis, from A Winning Habit, seems to think the Habs have a shot at changing their playoff fates this time around.

 Montreal is going to make the playoffs. It won’t be a high posiston, but it means we have a chance. Realistically, a 6th, 7th or 8th place finish is what they should be looking at. The Bruins are still the favorites to win the Cup, so if they finish high enough, they may face the Habs again in the first 2 rounds. But, as we found out this year, Montreal is always competitive against our hated rivals, and will put up a fight. With all the drama that happened last season, they should put up a big fight. If Montreal can beat the Bruins, they can beat almost anybody.

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