A Petition I Support.

Many of you know about the hit on Montreal’s Max Pacioretty by Boston Bruins forward Zdeno Chara.

A hit that landed the Canadiens forward in the hospital with a concussion and a fractured vertebrae, a career threatening injury. If you don’t know much about the hit, Zdeno Chara lead Habs forward Pacioretty’s head into the stanchion between the two teams benches. A vicious hit, which Pacioretty believed to be intentional. The puck had already been chipped past the two players and Chara hit him anyway.

What happened to Chara? Nothing, not a fine, not a suspension, nothing.

Something has to change in this league if something like this can happen, and Zdeno Chara gets off without any ramifications.

Players know the rink. Chara knew he was nearing the stanchion in the glass, yet he lead Pacioretty’s head into the turnbuckle and Colin Campbell nor Mike Murphy, the NHL’s Vice Presidents did nothing about the hit.

Hence the petition here. It’s a petition, asking for the resignation of NHL VP’s Campbell and Murphy.

It’s show a lack of consistency in the NHL’s disciplinary department and the recklessness it allows in the league.

I have signed and fully support this petition. It is time for change in this league, its time for protection of it’s players. I am all for the big open ice hit, or the big hit in the corners. Clean hits are fair, but this, this is a disgrace to the league.

You can find the petition, here.

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