I'm Always In A Better Mood When The Leafs Win

It’s Friday, I got the day off for a nice three-day weekend, and the Buds won last night. Life doesn’t get much better, does it? I spent the better part of last night staring at the standings and upcoming schedules of the Rangers, Sabres, Canes and Leafs, and I can’t wait for the next 17 games. It sure as hell won’t be easy, but is anything ever easy in Leaf Nation?

Since when does Damien Cox have anything nice to say about the Leafs? [Toronto Star]

Something I should have started linking a long time ago – Xterratu’s always great Game in 10. [LeafsHQ]

If you don’t watch Parks and Recreation, Ron Swanson is basically Wendel Clark in an office worker’s body. A clever reprisal of the Pyramid of Greatness centered on #17. [Puckin' Eh]

For once, the Leafs look like they might actually have some of the pieces required to build a team that’s successful for more than the last two months of the season. Curt from BCP takes a look at our young scorers. [Blue Chip Prospects]

A few weeks ago, Kessel was the loneliest All-Star. Oh, how the times have changed. Lots of lovin’ for Kessel these days. [Maple Leafs Hot Stove]

Finally, from the most unlikely of sources, a Sens fan from our FanSided family says he’s actually cheering for the Leafs? I had to read it myself, so should you. [SenShot]

Thanks for reading, have a good one, Go Leafs!

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