Turkey Day(?) Tidbits


As an American, I was unaware that Canada celebrated Thanksgiving at all, much less a month and a half earlier than we do here in the States.  Perhaps the season for Native American exploitation comes sooner up north.  Reasons for this Canadian cultural copy cat celebration (apologies, I was in the mood for alliteration) aside, I dream of  heaping tables of savory food as much as the next broke college student so celebrate your pants off, Canada.

Here are some links to hold you over till dinner:

  • The first place Maple Leafs are feeling loose after a good start. [Globe Beat]
  • Quick hits from the first two of hopefully many Leafs wins this year. [LeafsHQ]
  • Player Power Rankings from Maple Leafs Hot Stove with Clarke MacArthur winning bronze in week one. [MLHS]
  • Some bold predictions from Blue Chip Prospects…despite disagreeing with many of them, numbers one and ten make the most sense to me. [Blue Chip]

The Leafs don’t play till Wednesday vs the Sens.  Happy Holidays.

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