Playoff Bracket: Blackhawks win first Stanley Cup in 49 years

Picking the winner of  an NHL playoff series is difficult. Picking the Stanley Cup winner in April is nothing more than educated guesswork. Still, that’s the fun part about this job, you get to say what you want, when you want to, and nobody dies if you’re wrong. So here’s how I think the playoffs are gonna shake out over the next two months.

Conference Quarterfinals:

(1) Washington defeats (8) Montreal – 4-0
(7) Philadelphia defeats (2) New Jersey – 4-3
(3) Buffalo defeats (6) Boston – 4-2
(4) Pittsburgh defeats (5) Ottawa – 4-1

(1) San Jose defeats (8) Colorado – 4-2
(2) Chicago defeats (7) Nashville – 4-2
(3) Vancouver defeats (6) Los Angeles – 4-3
(5) Detroit defeats (4) Phoenix – 4-3

Conference Semi-Finals

(1) Washington defeats (7) Philadelphia – 4-3
(4) Pittsburgh defeats (3) Buffalo – 4-2

(5) Detroit defeats (1) San Jose – 4-3
(2) Chicago defeats (3) Vancouver – 4-2

Conference Finals

(4) Pittsburgh defeats (1) Washington – 4-3

(2) Chicago defeats (5) Detroit – 4-2

Stanley Cup Finals

(2) Chicago defeats (4) Pittsburgh – 4-3

There you have it – in my incredibly expert opinion, this is the year the Windy City finally gets to host a championship parade. There’s a lot of teams in here that could easily pull it off – Pittsburgh is a serious threat to repeat, if Washington’s goaltending holds up, they could be the ones drinking out of the Cup, and of course don’t ever count out the Red Wings, but I think Jonathan Toews will be getting a Stanley Cup ring to hang up with his Olympic gold medal this spring.

  • Frank Rekas(

    Awesome! Being from Chicago, nothing would please me more. Plus it would be payback for 1992!

  • Myles Robinson

    So much for the sweep of Montreal…If anyone in the DC area has seen Alex Ovechkin, please let him know the playoffs have started.

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  • Roberto Chaulk

    Is this going to be Vancouver’s Cup for the taking this year?

  • Myles Robinson

    I still think Chicago will knock the Canucks out. But they’ll have to play a hell of a lot better than they did last night.

  • http://That's interesting

    Hey…thanks for that. Neat post. I’ll be checking back shortly for more info. Excellent!

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